Heading off to Middle Earth


One does not simply walk into Mordor. One flies on agiant eagle plane. One also apologies for the past couple of weeks of not posting – sickness, hurried organisation and last minute packing has taken up all the time.

We are heading to New Zeland for a three week holiday. We will be driving ourselves about, admiring the beautiful scenery and doing things like a tour of Edoras (here come Lord of the Rings quotes) and climbing The Wall ice climbing on Fox Glacier (here comes Game of Thrones quotes).

I’ll also be bungee jumping, and stargazing and whale watching and snowshoe hiking (better watch out for white walkers).


Not sure I’ll post while away but who knows what might happen with WiFi and a cup of coffee?


trip to Brisbane – a quick photo summary

pretty lights!

just imagine how pretty this is lit up at night…

This is what I found at my good friend Christine’s house in Brisbane. I arrived last weekend to spend some time with her and her partner for their engagement party. I took so many photos it was hard to narrow down the ones I liked the best..

We baked:

nom nom nom

Mini Quiches

we found mushrooms way down the back:

there was fudge:

Tasty, tasty fudge.

and also more baking

and I had made some gifts for Christine which she apparently liked:

….lets have another look at all those cakes..

and last but not least, there were these little guys to keep us company:

Congrats to Christine and Greg – I had an awesome time and I’m so happy for you guys!

P.S things I have not yet mentioned: Musk stick flavoured Liqueur, delicious cake-y goodness I didn’t get photos of, My 11 book haul from book sales ($3 books!!) and home grown Bananas in my breakfast porridge.